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Advanced Power System

The use of power electronics in power system control and power quality improvements has increased extensively.

NITech offers a wide range of advance power electronics converter kits for studying application of power electronics in power system. Kits for static var control (SVC), HVDC, STATCOM, DVR and harmonic elimination are also designed.

List of the items in this category are:

  • NIAPS01Single Phase Thyristor Controlled Reactor
  • NIAPS02Single Phase Thyristor Switched Capacitor
  • NIAPS03Three Phase Thyristor Controlled Reactor
  • NIAPS04Three Phase Thyristor Switched Capacitor
  • NIAPS05Tuned Harmonic Passive Filter
  • NIAPS06Dynamic Voltage Regulator (DVR)
  • NIAPS07HVDC Trainer with 6 Pulse Converter
  • NIAPS08Instantaneous VAR Compensator (STATCOM)
  • NIAPS09Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF)
  • NIAPS10VSC based FACTS Controller (STATCOM, SSSC and UPFC) with Transmission Line and Different Loading