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Power Electronics is the art of converting electrical energy from one form to another in an efficient, clean, compact, and robust manner for convenient utilization. Power Electronics involves the study of Power semiconductor devices, power converter topologies and control algorithms. NITech has manufactured Basic Power Electronics Trainers to give starting platform for learning power conversion concepts. Trainer kit for learning device characteristics, gate/base drive circuit and different power conversion are available. The unique features of these trainers are:

  • Microcontroller based control circuit.
  • Single unit with inbuilt power supply, power circuit, control circuit and loading arrangement.
  • Many power configuration experimentations in one kit.
  • Isolated waveform observations.


List of the items in this category are:

  • NIPEC01           Device Characteristic Trainer
  • NIPEC02           Gate/Base Triggering Circuit Trainer
  • NIPEC03           Single Phase Rectifier Trainer
  • NIPEC04           Three Phase Rectifier Trainer
  • NIPEC05           Chopper Trainer
  • NIPEC06           Single Phase AC Voltage Controller Trainer
  • NIPEC07           Three Phase AC Voltage Controller Trainer
  • NIPEC08           Single Phase Inverter Trainer
  • NIPEC09           Three Phase Inverter Trainer
  • NIPEC10           Switched Mode DC-DC Converter Trainer
  • NIPEC11           Cycloconverter Trainer
  • NICPEC01        Customised Single Phase and Three Phase Line Commutated Converter Trainer
  • NICPEC02        Customised Chopper and Inverter Trainer