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NITech conduct different in-house workshops to impart knowledge with skills in the discipline of electrical designing. These workshops are to give strong in-depth of design and development of embedded system / power system / electrical drives / power electronics and instrumentation applications. These workshops are designed under the guidance of faculties from NITs and IITs, to bridge the gap between academic and employers.


These programs completely focusing on the practical hands on training, to achieve better understanding of the role of digital controllers in designing complex engineering systems. These courses are conducted in industrial area, where participants are exposed to industrial setups and live projects. These workshops sharpen the practical knowledge and help to enhance skill for better employability. Following modules are presently offered:

  1. 8051 Module
  2. STM32 Waijung Module
  3. Arduino programming
  4. STM32 C programming
  5. STM32 Cube based C coding
  6. TMS28335 PSIM based coding
  7. TMS28335 C programming
  8. FPGA HDIL coder in MATLAB
  9. FPGA VHDL coding
  10. Instrumentation
  11. Automation
  12. Electrical Module
  13. PCB designing.


These programs are of short duration courses of 01 week / 02 weeks and aimed at skill development for better employability.