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Sensor Trainers


Sensor trainers are designed to make student understand sensor principle and its applications. Signal conditioning circuit and microcontroller based interacting of sensors is experimented.


This training system is not only for the students, but also for technical personnel in industrial electrical, mechanical and electrical engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, power electrical, electronic equipment installation, automation processing, adjustment and control technology, for machinery manufacturing and electrical engineer training.


Microcontroller based sensor trainers manufactured by NITech are as following.

  • NISE01   RTD Trainer
  • NISE02   Thermocouple Trainer
  • NISE03   Thermistor and LM 35 Trainer
  • NISE04   Capacitive Type Pressure Transducer Trainer
  • NISE05   Instrumentation Amplifier, Isolation Amplifier, V to I converter Trainer
  • NISE06   Strain Gauge / Load Cell Trainer
  • NISE07   Proximity Sensors Trainer