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Neutral Float Protection (NFP) devices

Description: The floating neutral condition can cause voltages to float to a maximum of its Phase volts RMS relative to ground, subjecting to its unbalancing load Condition. Floating Neutral conditions in the power network can damage the connected load or create hazardous Touch Voltage at the equipment body.

National Infotech comes with a unique STM32G0 microcontroller-based intelligent NFP design with dependent time overcurrent protection (DMT). National Infotech’s unique NFP device comes with input and output voltage range of 190-275V (1-ϕ), operating temperature 55 ºC and ratings of 30 A/ø and 60 A/ø. 

  • Phase : Single Phase,Three Phase
  • Very fast output voltage (270V) and neutral float (up to 375V)
  • High voltage cut off (within 3 cycles)
  • Low voltage cut off (Delayed cut off)
  • Overload cut off
  • Neutral float protection (415V)
  • Electronic bypass
  • Short circuit cut off (MCB Through)
  • 5 seconds time delay at start or trip event
  • Time Hysteresis 5 seconds
  • Protection within 50 milliseconds
  • Delayed under voltage (180V) protection