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Power electronics is the engineering study of converting electrical power from one form to another. World-wide, at an average rate of 12 billion kilowatts of electrical energy is generated in every hour of every day of every year. The power generated is being reprocessed or recycled through some form of power electronic systems. It is expected that this power processing will increase up to 80% in near future. Increased use of Power electronics demanded new power converters which do not pollute the grid. Accordingly many new power converters are developed.


NITech offers a wide range of advance power electronics converter kits for studying new power converters. Kits like multi-pulse converter, PWM rectifier, PFC using boost converter, multi-level inverters are designed. These kits are useful for demonstrating these new concepts to the students.


List of the items in this category are:

  • NIAPE01Three Phase Diode Clamed Multilevel Inverter
  • NIAPE02Multi Pulse Converter (12 Pulse)
  • NIAPE03Single Phase Dual Converter
  • NIAPE04Isolated DC-DC Converter Trainer
  • NIAPE05Isolated DC-DC Bridge Converter Trainer
  • NIAPE06Three Phase PWM Rectifier
  • NIAPE07Boost Rectifier with Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • NIAPE08Cascaded Multilevel Inverter